Making a poster

OK, making a poster is always difficult because the layout can be so fiddly. If you use LaTeX to create a poster, it makes for a nice disciplined layout, but the recompiling for each fiddle gets to be a pain.

For my last couple of posters, I decided to use Apple Pages. I use Apple Keynote a lot, so the workflow is relatively painless.

Hints: I tried to keep the layout disciplined like it would be in a beamer poster. I failed, but at least I started out that way. For a 48” poster, I divided into two 24” columns, and then decided on margin sizes. You can use the “Distribute” Tool for this, though for some reason it does not let you evenly distribute two boxes, so I inserted three vertical lines to give me the margins, and then I erased them afterwards.

The results are here: Munk Symposium Poster (7.5 Mb)